About Us

I'm Kirsty and I live in Derby with my husband and two dogs, Bobby and Dee. I love gardening, nature and growing things. I'm also a massive geek and love science fiction and fantasy.

I was creative as a kid but went through a phase of being uninspired in my twenties. Then health issues started pushing me back into creating things as a distraction. The past few years have been a bit of a struggle but drawing and creating art has been a great outlet. I tend to favour procreate now as my hands sometimes tremble and it's a bit more forgiving, but I still like to create physical art when I can. I make homemade candles, prints, badges and stickers.

Fidget and Bobby (and Dee)

Fidget was our little white rat fur baby. She died quite a few years ago now but she was one of the bravest, patient rats we've ever known (we've been family to quite a few over the years). Bobby never actually met her since she'd already passed by the time we adopted him. I came up with the name Fidget and Bobby before we adopted Dee.

Bobby is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who we adopted back in February 2016. He's a very handsome and good boy - a bit of a gentle giant with zero spacial awareness. I'm sure he thinks he's small.
He's our shop mascot but we try not to let it go to his head. 

Dee was adopted in July 2018 and very quickly became Bobby's best friend. She's a Staffy crossed with a Collie.  She LOVES affection of any kind and will lick you until her tongue falls off if you let her. She takes her role as morale officer very seriously.